Interview with the Australian Institute of Building

18 August 2012

Here is our recent interview with the Chief ExecutiveOfficer of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB).

Robert Hunt, CEO, Australian Institute of Building

Robert Hunt, CEO, Australian Institute of Building

1. How does the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) define sustainability?

The AIB defines sustainability in terms of conducting business in a manner that minimises the impact on the natural environment, and in a way that the natural environment can easily cope with and naturally compensate for over time.

2. How does AIB encourage members to become more sustainable?

AIB encourages members to become more sustainable by:
– CPD events focusing on the current sustainable practices, latest sustainable materials and processes;
– Influencing the content of university courses; and
– Creation and advocacy of policies and practices that encourage sustainability e.g. waste minimisation.

3. What does AIB see as barriers to entry into sustainability for the industry and the community?

AIB sees the barriers to entry as being:
– Convincing stakeholders of the cost/benefit
– Lack of education and knowledge of sustainable building methods
– Desire for most people for cheaper houses rather than greener houses

4. Is AIB actively involved in educating members and the community on sustainability?

See question 2.  Our course accreditation process includes review and focus on sustainable development education.

5. What would AIB like to see the government and industry do to ensure new homes are more energy efficient and are built with sustainable building materials?

AIB would like to see legislation that is developed in consultation with all stakeholders.  Such legislation should provide incentives for sustainable building practices and encourages local manufacturers to design and manufacture options that meet higher sustainable targets.

6. What impact will sustainability have on the building industry over the next five years?

The green star ratings is an excellent tool which should be supported by Governments, and will have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of buildings.  We are unconvinced that the carbon tax will meet its objectives.

7. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about AIB and sustainability?

AIB is keen to advance sustainability to our members, cooperate with other organisations and governments on sustainability, and educate consumers on this issue.

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