Tips for getting the most out of your air conditioning system

  1. Be sure to choose a professional who is suitably accredited and qualified to install air conditioning systems. Improper installation can result in leaky ducts and poor air flow as well as diminished performance levels.
  2. Properly maintaining and cleaning the air filters in the air conditioning system can save money and extend the life of the unit. Fujitsu offers a vast range of split systems to choose from and the front panel can be easily removed for cleaning.
  3. Be mindful of the space you are air conditioning. Are the doors and windows closed when the system is in use and is the ceiling insulated? All these factors can affect heat retention in the room and how efficiently your system will operate.
  4. Using timer settings on air conditioning systems helps manage energy consumption as well as home comfort. By setting the unit to turn on before the household wakes for the day, or gets home from school or work, gives the home time to warm up and means less demand is placed on the system when the home is occupied.

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These tips have been provided to Your Future Home by Emily Kennedy from Write Away Communication + Events on behalf of Fujitsu General.

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