The Environmental and Cost Benefits of Solar Hybrid Air-Conditioners

Solar power is gradually becoming an energy source that supplements traditional energy supplies and results in energy efficiency, cheaper power bills and a reduction in carbon emissions.

A new air-conditioning system has recently become available in Australia that combines solar power and traditional energy – the Sealey Solar Hybrid Air-Conditioner.

Easy Efficiency is the first distributor of this sustainable air-conditioning system in NSW. Nathan Barton, Director of Easy Efficiency, said he chose to distribute this air-conditioner for a number of reasons:

“This hybrid unit uses half the power of a standard electric air-conditioning system, and as a result emits half the amount of carbon into the atmosphere,” Nathan Barton, said.

The cost of running the unit is also half that of a standard air-conditioning system, and it actually pays for itself in energy savings.

“The Sealey Solar Hybrid Air-conditioner can be used in homes and small to medium businesses and heats and cools. Units have already been nstalled across Australia  – from the cooler temperatures of Tasmania to the hot humid temperatures of Far North Queensland.

This new solar hybrid unit has also been quality tested in a number of areas. It has undergone rigorous testing by a division of the SGS Australian laboratories and meets and exceeds all Australian standards. They have achieved the quality management rating:  ISO9001 and achieved seven years of the highest ratings.

Designed for commercial and household use, they are built to last and come with a 5-year warranty.

“Their durability is great for the consumer, “ said Nathan Barton, “and it’s also good from a sustainability point of view, as the Sealey unit has a long life expectation.”

Its durability has been achieved by using state-of-the-art technology and quality parts. They include Toshiba compressors, and use inverter technology. This results in power savings, has a longer lifetime, and makes them whisper quiet and ozone friendly.


This article was written for Your Future Home by Lisa Stallard on behalf of Easy Efficiency. More information about the Sealey Solar Hybrid Air-Conditioner can be found at

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