The new phenomenon – Greening Houses

Greenwalls, more commonly known as vertical gardens, are popping up throughout the country. Whether it’s an apartment balcony or a four bedroom home, there is always a wall or awkward space that a greenwall can be installed and re-claim a small piece of the built environment. They not only look great and free up space but they are also great for the environment.

Greenwalls are soil-less vertical gardens grown on the surface of built structures and are designed to mimic the growing conditions found where
greenwalls occur in nature.

The most immediate benefit of a greenwall is its incredible beauty. The greenery is literally a living skin, allowing unlimited design opportunities. In Australia alone there are over 5,000 suitable native species that colonise on rocks and trees.

Greenwalls have also been proven to reduce ambient temperature and offer sound and other insulating qualities to a buildings exterior skin. They use reticulated water, generally from grey water recycling. In all they minimise the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Over the past 25 years we have mastered the design and can proudly say that all of our greenwalls use 94 per cent of recycled materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

When it comes to maintenance all that greenwalls require is a trim every now and then, otherwise the tailored irrigation system takes over. So if you travel a lot you no longer have to worry about coming back to dead plants.

To date we have greened over 600sqm across Australia, New Zealand and Brasil. We will continue to retro fit greenwalls in residential apartments and homes but our real goal is to work with the large building companies to include the fittings into the building stage of new high rises and homes across Australia.

Article by Mark Paul – Horticulturist and Founder of The Greenwall Company

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